Trenton Couple Use the Power of Laughter to Heal

Trenton residents Alik and Lauren Colbert founded Laughing Lovebugs with a mission to cultivate joy and inspire connection in the lives of others through Laughter Yoga. As Certified Laughter Leaders, they lead Laugher Yoga sessions and programs for individuals of all ages, from children to seniors. They have a passion for empowering, inspiring, and enlightening others, and are dedicated to helping people discover the joys and many benefits of Laughter Yoga.

Based out of Water’s Edge Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center at 512 Union Street in Trenton, NJ, Laughing Lovebugs was founded in 2018; though the official launch of Laughing Lovebugs LLC happened in Spring 2020.

Alik and Lauren met on a popular online dating site in June 2012. Four years later, on his birthday, Alik popped the question, and they married in September 2017. They completed Certified Laughter Leader training through Laughter Yoga University, founded by Dr. Madan Kataria.

Constantly inspired by the joy that Laughter Yoga brings to their lives and infusing this feeling into every interaction and connection, Alik and Lauren find fulfillment in leading laugh yoga sessions for people of all walks of life and all ages.

“The motivation behind Laughing Lovebugs was to spread awareness about the health benefits of laughter yoga and for people to experience the power of laughter,” said Lauren. “We got into this work because we have a passion to empower, inspire, enlighten, and awaken the inner joy within every human we interact with… Our mission is to impact people by cultivating positive experience that is uplifting.”

“We are motivated to work with people to bring less stress, more joy & connection into their lives with laughter,” said Alik. “Laughter Yoga is perhaps the only exercise routine that helps to ease physical, mental & emotional stress all at the same time.”

“The importance of laughter in Trenton coming out of a such a challenging year across the globe is that laughter can help alleviate, reduce, or eliminate anger, loneliness, anxiety, comfort with loss, pain, depression and more,” Alik explained. “During these challenging times in this rapidly changing world, it is important to pay attention to how we feel. Laughter feels good and is good for you. Laughter yoga allows the opportunity to experience the present moment without allowing stressful experiences to consume your mind and body.”

“We were only trained to provide Laughter yoga services in person only with physical contact…as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions we thought that we would have to stop providing  laughter yoga sessions for safety measures,” said Lauren. “However due to the high levels of stress that all of us were experiencing during COVID, we were inspired to find a way to provide laughter yoga. We were never trained on how to provide sessions online but we realized there was a dire need for it even more during COVID-19.  Laughter is an universal language that socially connects us and improves health. Laughter yoga boosts immune system, improves cardiovascular health, eases pain and so much more. Overall, COVID-19 fueled us to continue to share laughter yoga with people all over the world online.”

According to the entrepreneurial duo, Laughter yoga is unlike a traditional yoga session. There’s no sense of humor, flexibility, or yoga mat required.” In laughter yoga we combine laughter exercises & deep breathing with childlike playfulness & movement to connect, unwind, and let go,” noted Alik.

The company provides Laughter Yoga sessions for groups, workplaces, couples, & children. To learn more, visit the website at

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