Alan C. Wilkins Soothes the Soul with New Jazz Lullabies

On October 12, 2020, Trenton music teacher and professional musician, Alan C. Wilkins, is set to release his newest album, “Lullabies for Lily-Jean.”

After the birth of his baby girl, Wilkins gained inspiration to produce an album that promotes mental and physical ease. To ensure the album is not just for children and babies, Wilkins composed the tracks on “Lullabies for Lily-Jean” in such a way that stress and anxiety takes a backseat in the minds of listeners as they fight through the current, global pandemic.

“I am always seeking to use my musical gift to inspire the diverse population of music lovers,” said Wilkins.

As a music teacher at the historical Hedgepeth Williams School of the Arts, which paved the way for racial equality amongst education, Wilkins, along with the school, has been using music and arts as a way of advancing the minds of young 6th through 8th graders in Trenton.

Wilkins told Trenton Daily in September of last year, “Arts integration bridges the gap between different cultures and languages and helps to work both sides of the brain.”

He continued, “Overall, it gives kids a deeper understanding of the world around them and makes it easier to express themselves.”

As an educator and father, Wilkins sees the value in creating a space of peace for all children, not just his own, to thrive under his care. He is instinctually a nurturing teacher.

When listening to his upcoming album, Wilkins hopes his songs will penetrate the hearts and minds of families in their personal spaces and bring peace and rest to those who are seeking such women, men, girls, boys, young and old alike.

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