HomeFront Announces Annual Book Bag Drive; Calls for Community to Help Children in Need

HomeFront announced its annual Back to School Drive for the upcoming academic school year, which seeks to provide resources and items necessary for students in need who will be returning to school remotely or in person.

Distribution of items often consist of clothing, new shoes, backpacks, and school supplies. For HomeFront’s annual book bag drive last year, a total of 1,350 backpacks, shoes, clothes, and school supplies were distributed, ensuring that hundreds of children were set for school.

The demand and need for essential supplies have gone up significantly, making it very challenging for HomeFront to supply every need, particularly considering the organization’s need to triple food distribution during the crisis. HomeFront strives to ensure that every need is met with the Annual Book Bag drive and is asking for local corporations and organizations to join them in arms to make this a reality. 

“Last year we distributed 1350. This year we would like to have at least 1500 children sponsored, because we know the need in the community has increased with the economic fallout from the pandemic,” says Connie Mercer, HomeFront CEO and founder. “We have been distributing triple the amount of food and essentials as we usually do, because of the increase in unemployment tied to COVID.  And, we know our Back To School Drive faces new challenges this year, because  the congregations, corporations, and organizations who usually get involved this year are now all operating remotely.  So, we are trying to raise awareness of the need with more individuals in the community this year, to help us meet the need.”

To give children in the Mercer County area the tools they will need for learning, sign up now to sponsor one or more children and provide them with the clothing, shoes, backpacks and school supplies they need to succeed.

The deadline to drop off is August 15, 2020.

For more details, visit homefront@homefrontnj.org, and to sponsor a child email homefront@homefrontnj.org, or call (609) 915-1035

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