Capital Health Begins an Antibody Testing Initiative for COVID-19

As health care organizations around the world worked hard to provide personal protective equipment for their workers during the COVID outbreak, Capital Health worked to develop a COVID-19 blood antibody. Research began by finding out whether or not the presence of a COVID-19 immunity could be found in Capital Health’s workforce.

According to Capiial Health, a person infected with COVID-19 produces specific IgG antibodies that can be detected in blood samples, whether they’re exhibiting mild symptoms, a serious illness, or no symptoms at all. The presence of this specific antibody indicates that a person has produced an immune response to COVID-19.

Dr. Eugene McMahon, Chief Medical Officer at Capital Health stated that “As the medical community’s understanding of COVID-19 evolves, we believe that our antibody testing research will assist health care providers and patients alike.” McMahon also mentioned that testing for signs of the IgG antibody in the blood of their employees was a natural starting place.

The IgG antibody research initiative which began in mid-April is being led by the Director of Clinical Research at Capital Health, Patrick De Deyne, PhD. With more than 1,200 employees volunteering and contributing blood samples for the study, doctors and staff at Capital Health hope to find their answer within the coming weeks/months.

Capital Health has also partnered with FlowMetric, Inc., which is a biotechnical laboratory located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. This partnership was formed to create a screening program which not only follows the industry’s exacting protocols but also has high ethical standards. Through this partnership Capital Health has proven how regional medical centers play an imperative role in the development of new treatments and diagnostics in medicine.

After informing each volunteer of their immunity, the purpose of Capital Health’s study is to inform the medical community about the existence of immunity to COVID-19 in health care settings and eventually, the population at large.

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