Tektite Manufactures Personal Protective Equipment

Tektite Industries, a leading Trenton-NJ-based manufacturer of LED lighting solutions, has modified its manufacturing facility at 309 N. Clinton Avenue to accommodate the production of face masks and face shields. The company’s polycarbonate reusable and polypropylene disposable face shields are being developed using specifications provided by Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Tektite is also producing filter fabric face masks, with advanced particle filtration, made of soft non-woven material with low breathing resistance. Best of all, it’s not only Made in the USA, it’s Made in Trenton, New Jersey with all products assembled and shipped from the company’s Trenton factory.

Working closely with the National Institute of Standards at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, Tektite is engaging in an ongoing effort to provide testing supplies for molded test kit test tubes in response to the Covid-19 testing increases.

Founded in 1990, Tektite manufactures a product line featuring more than 200 SKUs. This includes manufacturing and distribution of LED flashlights, LED replacement bulbs, HID lights, dive lights, strobes, signaling lights and knives for the most rugged products in the outdoor, industrial, public Safety and military markets.

With so many patented LED technology applications, Tektite boasts the largest LED flashlight offering worldwide and is a recognized leader in the industry. The company licenses its patented technology to well-known names in the lighting industry and provides private label and custom solutions.

The company has remained opened as an essential defense supplier and NJ manufacturer and is continuing production of its normal product line. For more information on Tektite’s Personal Protective Equipment and its other new products, visit them online at www.TEK-TITE.com.

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